MBA is a youth basketball program serving Bethesda, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Potomac and Rockville. We specialize in preparing elementary and middle school players for their Middle school and High school teams. MBA is focused on training, skill devel

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Elite 3 on 3 League Rules




o No swearing, taunting, or any type of inappropriate verbal or physical behavior. If

broken, it will result in ...

      o Warning

      o Player sitting out 5 minutes of the game

      o Ejection from the game

      o Ejection from the league

o Games are 16 min long with a running clock.

o There are NO timeouts

o Equal Time or half game, substitutions will be made every 4 minutes.

o Teams are allowed to play with only 2 players if they have to, or they can recruit

someone who is, in the gym for another game, but the game would then result in a


o RockPaperScissors will determine who gets the ball first

o Each 1/2 court game will have a referee and scorekeeper present

o Ties will be settled with sudden death free throws. Each team must have their

player's alternate shooters until one team makes and the other misses.

o All games will end with all players exchanging hand shakes

o Teams will NOT BE COACHED during games. The point of the league is to let the

kids run the team. Our staff will also be available to talk to teams during games and in

between games. Parents will be required to stay in the stands during games unless

there is an injury or emergency.

o Games will start every 20 minutes. If your team plays back-to -back games, they will

get a 4-minute break in between games.





o Scoring

    o 2 points inside the arc

    o 3 points outside the arc

o Free Throws

    o Free Throws will only be awarded on shots in the act of shooting

    o 1 shot awarded for a foul on a 2 point shot (FT is worth 2 points)

    o 1 shot awarded for a foul on a 3 point shot (FT is worth 3 points)

    o Once teams are lined up, the shooter has 6 seconds to shoot their one free

throw attempt.

    o The ball is played live off all Free Throw misses . . . excep t air balls .

    o If a player is.fouled away from the ball,inside of 1 minute, they will be

awarded 1 free throw shot worth 2 points.

    o Referees may impose a Technical foul for unnecessary or excessive fouls .

         • Technical fouls results in 2 points, plus the ball.

o After a made basket or dead ball , the other team must check the ball in from the top

of the 3 -point line , and THEN PASS IN THE BALL. If a team continually forgets to

pass ball in, the ref will warn the t eam . If it continues to happen it will result in a


o Both feet and the basketball must cross behind the 3-point line after any change of

possession (clearing the ball must occur on all def rebounds and steals).

o No matter where the ball goes out of bounds , the ball will be checked in from the top

of the 3-point line.

o Defense gets ALL jump balls

o 3 seconds in the lane will result in a change of possession

o No stalling - the refs can instill a 25 second shot clock at their discretion if this

becomes an issue.

o The ball always changes possession after a score, unless it is from a technical/

intentional foul.