MBA is a youth basketball program serving Bethesda, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Potomac and Rockville. We specialize in preparing elementary and middle school players for their Middle school and High school teams. MBA is focused on training, skill devel

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Core Teams

New Players interested in playing with MBA can register now and we will place them on teams during our Team Placement and Tryouts. If you register for the Fall Team program before the Team Placement and tryouts take place you will be guaranteed a spot on one of our teams. 


Our Core Team program is the largest component of our team program.  Our core teams are designated by the colors:

Red: Our top team and highest skill and commitment level. MBA practices, games and events are the players top priorities. Teams compete in one league and 3 tournaments season.  The cost for the Red team is $650.

Gold: Our second highest level of skill and commitment. MBA practices, games and events are the number one priority for these players. Teams compete in one league and 2 tournaments every season.  The cost for the Gold team is $625.

All players must also purchase a uniform for $150 and pay Annual Dues of $50.


Or MBA Coaches sort players onto each team after they are assessed during our tryout process. Players are placed on teams based on their skills, understanding of concepts and commitment. 

All players can move up or down levels to benefit from more playing time, stronger competition and work on different positions. For example a Rim/Center on our highest level core team might be a Wing/Forward on a different team. Our goal is to help all our players at all levels reach their athletic potential, learn and have fun playing the game they love.

Returning players will be guaranteed a spot on their same team each season. Players may be invited to move to different teams coaches feel will benefit them. Players never need to move higher or lower but they will have the option. Once in MBA players and their families can decide which team they want to be on accepting playing time changes and skill level difference. Every situation is different and we work with parents and players to help them make the best decision for them.

For example, a player who starts on the gold team and plays most of the game may not want to move to the red team and not get much time. Also, a player on the Red team who doesn't get much time may choose to move to the gold team where they may start or play more. 

Parents and players should understand we use our teams as a tool to organize players at the beginning of each season. Once the season begins and they practice and compete in games we can always make changes during or after the season depending what is best for each player.

Each team typically has around 10-12 players. We need 10 players at each practice so our teams can go live and work on team concepts and compete during practice. Playing time in games is directly influenced during practices. Players attitude, effort, skills, understanding of team concepts along with intangibles will determine playing time during games. 

The benefit of MBA is the training, the practices and the skills development that is done during our pracitices. Players that can execute during practices will be able to execute during games. Players that need more practice and development will get less time in games. All players will have equal time in all practices and training sessions to demonstrate their abilities and earn playing time during games.