MBA is a youth basketball program serving Bethesda, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Potomac and Rockville. We specialize in preparing elementary and middle school players for their Middle school and High school teams. MBA is focused on training, skill devel

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The MBA Team Program is designed to be a competitve youth basketball program. The Maryland Basketball Academy (MBA) provides a safe, positive, instructional environment for motivated players to develop and reach their potential.

All teams are coached by a paid professional. Our program is more expensive as a result. Our paid coaching staff combined with our proven process make our program the best fit for players looking to be challenged, get better and compete at a high level. Our insight, training, communication, professionalism and love of teaching is what makes our program so successful. 

All teams will play in Leagues or tournaments that MBA Coaches believe best align with skill level of each team.

MBA Team Players who stay on our team during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons will get one free week of our popular and successful MBA camp next summer.

MBA Team Players typically save $350 on average each season. Our players don't need to hire expensive trainers or pay for additional training because we provide free optional training sessions to all our team players. Each season we offer all the benefits of hiring outside or inhouse training and skill development at no extra cost. 

In addition to practicing three hours a week all players will be offered additional free training and skill development sessions. These sessions are used by players who want extra training. Players who miss practice can use these trainings as a makeup. Our program is based on player development so we eliminate the need for expensive training sessions and workouts from our staff or outside trainers. 

Our teaching and training based team program is the best solution for players looking to earn more time playing with their middle and high school teams. We know what HS coaches expect from their players because Erick Graves and Steve Watson are high school coaches. 

Playing time will be based on several factors including skills, understanding team concepts, attitude, ability to execute, assessment during practices and intangibles. The opportunity to learn, develop and get better is equal but playing time is not.

Players who struggle in practices will struggle in games. Players don't get better by in games they get better in practices. The better they do in practices the better they will do in games resulting in more playing time. 

Alumni from our Prime and Core teams have enjoyed success playing with their Middle, JV and Varsity teams. Our academy provides a strong foundation for players looking to play for their middle and high school teams.

The Fall Season will begin the first week of September and end before Thanksgiving Break. 

The cost of the MBA Fall team is $750 plus the annual $100 fee. This includes over 40 hours of practices/training, coaching cost, gym permits, league, uniform, equipment, insurance, admin costs such as website etc.. You do not have additional costs per season. There is no hidden costs or mandatory things for players to buy once they register for the season and the annual fee.